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The smarter way to engage clients and reduce risk

  • Engage and educate your clients with interactive, accredited video journeys
  • Reduce your commercial and regulatory risk with full engagement reporting
  • Improve your conversation with your PII provider and meet FCA rules
  • Meet principles 1 and 8 of the PFS Gold Standard Transfer Process
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Adviser benefits

  • Risk management – provides evidence of your client’s engagement and understanding
  • Reach out to new clients - engage them with impartial and enjoyable video education
  • Achieve process efficiencies – use the Adviser Portal to reach, engage and work with more clients
"Brilliant bit of kit"
Phil J McGovern FPFS - MD, MPA

Client benefits

  • Broadcast quality video production - a fresh approach to learning about financial topics
  • Learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own home on a device of their choosing
  • The ability to record questions for their adviser as they progress through the journey
"Easy to digest and very engaging"
DB transfer client

A tried and tested client experience

Since launch, thousands of adviser’s clients have completed Money Alive’s accredited videos journeys and their feedback has contributed to the further development of our own custom video player experience.


Easy to use Adviser Portal

Our online adviser software, the Adviser Portal, is the result of several years research and development with continual improvement through adviser user’s feedback.


So, what's being said about Money Alive?

Money Alive work with new firms every week and talk regularly to advisers, paraplanners, regulators, providers and trade bodies. We show how client education can be delivered easily and timely, how results can be measured and the positive impact it can have on client outcomes – the results speak for themselves.

If you use Money Alive, not only will you have better informed clients you will also be able to demonstrate to PII insurers robust risk management and working practices
Jamie Newell
MD O3 Insurance Solutions
Incredibly helpful - a fundamental part of our DB process
Matthew Harris
I especially like the fact that they gave pro's and con's with the different case studies, which you can then relate to your own circumstances.
DB transfer client
June 2018
It's very good.
John Ralfe
Pensions Expert
They are very good. Written in a simply, easy to understand way, plus sometimes it is easier to listen/watch than read a pamphlet of a 100 pages!!
DB transfer client
March 2018
They were going to keep it quiet, but I’m going to Out a bit of financial services ‘goodness’. @MyMoneyAlive is allowing already transferred steelworkers access to its education process. Suffice to say, the response so far has been unanimous. ‘I wish I had seen this before.’
Al Rush
I am sure that the FCA would consider firms providing independent, unbiased information to clients in advance of a first meeting - to help inform and re-set the consumer’s flawed mind-set – as a good practice approach
Rory Percival
Pensions Expert